DJ Nerd

DJ N3rdWith the same impact that televisions hit series the “Big Bang Theory” brings techie comedy to the masses, Eric Rocha a.k.a DJ Nerd turns his techie personality into dance floor fire!

Moving from El Paso to Phoenix in 2000, DJ Nerd was introduced to an exciting new world of clubs & nightlife. Heavy into marketing and design this computer nerd found himself working with 3X National DJ Champion & now Official DJ of the UFC – AL3. DJ Nerd witnessed AL3 rocking crowds with his blends & snippets of the classics, meshed together with today’s mainstream hits. Being bitten by the bug to become a DJ, he took a picture of AL3’s equipment and the next day found himself at Guitar Center investing in his dream by purchasing his first set of tables. Armed with a slew of mix tapes, DJ Nerd locked himself away to listen & study the mix styles of AL3, The Baka Boys, Jazzy Jeff & Mix Master Mike.

Before he knew it, DJ Nerd found himself showcasing his newly developed DJ skills along side many of Phoenix’ top DJs. With every set DJ Nerd began to impress the many crowds he spun for and he also gained the respect & trust of the many GMs he worked alongside.

In no time at all DJ Nerd landed residencies in many of Arizona’s most competitive party scenes, beginning with Tempe’s ASU party circle, along with The Legends Entertainment District in Downtown Phoenix, and then moving west to The Westgate Entertainment District in Glendale AZ.

Whether he’s rocking nightclubs or corporate events for the likes of Red Bull & Monster Energy Drink, DJ Nerd can always be found with a packed dance floor in front of him. Yes indeed, DJ Nerd takes pride in showing partygoers that he has the turntable skills to bring the Big Bang Theory to the epicenter of the dance floor!